About Us

Adass Aish Kodesh

In  Cheshvan, (October) of 2010, Adass Aish Kodesh was founded by Rabbi Y. Reuven Rubin Shlita in memory of the Piesezna Rebbe Ztz”l.  After serving the South Manchester Synagogue as Rabbi for 25 years and being an integral part of their move to Bowdon, Rabbi Rubin retired to North Manchester to be closer to his children and grandchildren.

Seeing the need for a warm shul with a Chassidic atmosphere, Rabbi Rubin went ahead and started a new minyan. In the front room of his daughter and son-in-law’s home the new minyan blossomed and grew at a speed few would have anticipated. and within a year more appropriate premises were needed. with less than a year under it’s belt, Rabbi Rubin lead his growing community into larger premises in the area.

It was at this time that a name was being thought of. The Rabbi, being a great admirer  of the works of the Aish Kodesh had always pointed out how in the whole of Europe there is no Shul that is named in memory of the Piesezna Rebbe. Added to this The Rov’s son-in-law is closely related to the martyred Rebbe. For these reasons, it was decided that the Shul be named Adass Aish Kodesh.

Presently, the shul is in new accommodations which have been granted full zoning permissions for religious worship and a building fund has been set up to enable the purchase and expansion of the building.