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Harav Y. Reuven Reubin Shlita

It came with a sudden wave of warmth that brought tears to my eyes. My grandson sent me a clip of the Bobover Rebbe HaRav Shlomo Ztl dancing amongst the olam on Purim. Although the five-minute film is grainy and shows its age, the very glimpse of the Rav Ztl in the throes of his holy avodah, took my breath away. Words can’t begin to express what those precious moments meant to us all. We weren’t just dancing in the here and now, we were enveloped with the kedusha of a Yied whose love for us was extraordinary. If you watch you can see how the Rav Ztl was excited to hold onto each yied and embrace everyone with his brochos and prayers. I took part in those Purim’s of yesteryear and their memories bring me chizuk over half a century later. I often feel saddened that my great-grandchildren will never experience that particular cauldron of holiness.

The reality of our present golus has a different dynamic, one created specifically for today’s neshomahs. I realise that our young generation has its own moments of heightened kedushah served up to feed their own uniqueness, and it is these which will be inscribed in their neshomahs. Ours is a challenging time, our young are clamoring for warmth, but are encumbered by a thick veil of unparalleled materialism. Who can show them the dance of the tzadikim, or the open warmth of our teachers? I speak to mechanchim and principles of our Mosdos, they tell me that they have to be more social workers than teachers. This is indicative of our current golus, and we have to translate our previous generation’s teachings into a language that today’s kids will thrive on. First steps should be bridges of warmth within our shuls and schools, places wherein Yiddishkiet is real and positive, and yes, where their social needs are looked at as integral to their future.

Our shtieble, Adass Aish Kodesh has undertaken extensive renovations this past year. A major part of the planning is to build a youth space wherein we can serve all community youngsters in a safe and wholesome environment. We have been hampered by the spiraling costs of the project and are now seeking help from the wider community. Even in the present cramped space that we have, we have created a children’s Shabbos program wherein youngsters from the wider community come to enjoy a friendly Shabbos experience which thrives on the warmth that our shtieble is known for.

I was blessed to partake in the fulsome joy for Yiddishkiet as a youngster all those years ago.  Officially I am meant to be retired, but that was also something I was taught all those years ago, a Yied never stops striving to reach out and bridge the next generation in this long golus. I am humbled by the merit granted me to serve further in our community, and to share in the hopes of the future of so many. Our young need a place that wreaks with joy and non-judgmental friendship. Their challenges are many, they need a helping hand at every turn. Our dream, no matter the cost, is to make this possible.

As Purim arrives may I ask my loyal readers to help me make this dream become a reality? We all have different memories of times gone by, and I believe we all cherish the simchas we were blessed to enjoy.

We are here for the future memories to be born, please be part of our children’s future ‘clips’, may they bring joy to their hearts, and simcha to all their loved ones. Amen.


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With heartfelt thanks and brochos for a simchas Purim and Kol Tov Selah